SCC Soft Computer (SCC) announces that their SoftPath synoptic reporting tool has been certified by Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) recognizing them as a vendor that can assist Ontario hospitals with meeting CCO’s 2008-2009 College of American Pathologists (CAP)/Collaborative Staging (CS) aligned data standards for pathology reporting.

Standardized pathology reporting increases the availability and consistency of cancer pathology information that is essential for treatment decisions, evaluation, and research. Over the past two years, CCO has made substantial progress working with hospitals. In an effort to continue to support them, CCO has developed a process to certify specific vendor solutions against defined reporting standards. The certification of a vendor solution is the first step to validating that it can be implemented or enhanced to assist the hospitals in meeting the new standards.

SoftPath complies with the 2008-2009 CAP/CS aligned data standards developed by Cancer Care Ontario in conjunction with the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Cancer Committee, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Joint Committee on Cancer. The CAP check lists[1] for breast, lung, colorectal, prostate, and endometrium were amended to include the mandatory pathological collaborative staging elements.

SoftPath v. 4.3.0.x should be able to assist hospitals with meeting the new CCO reporting standards for cancer-related pathology reporting in Ontario.

“With the movement toward electronic transmittal of patient information, medical records, and healthcare data, SCC is at the leading edge of transmitting cancer information in Ontario,” notes Gilbert Hakim, CEO and founder of SCC Soft Computer. “With the use of discrete data elements, our clients can customize and parse the electronic data sent to satisfy cancer agency regulatory requirements.”

SCC’s SoftPath anatomic pathology, cytology, and autopsy information system is widely used in hospitals, teaching facilities, and commercial laboratories. Providing the flexibility, integration capability, and functionality needed for today’s pathology laboratory, the SoftPath system incorporates voice recognition and report imaging, providing users increased productivity and improved quality of service.

Source: SCC Soft Computer