Cardio Diagnostics Holdings, a developer of AI-driven precision cardiovascular medicine tests, announced a strategic collaboration with Truckers Health Network, an organization providing health and wellness options to truckers and trucking companies. 

Truckers are disproportionately affected by heart disease and this partnership marks a significant commitment by both organizations to address the urgent need for heart disease prevention and control among trucking professionals.

By combining Cardio Diagnostics’ cardiovascular diagnostic offerings, remotely deployable on the road, at offices, and in warehouses, with Truckers Health Network’s customized corporate wellness programming, the collaboration aims to exponentially expand the number of trucking professionals and trucking company staff with access to these crucial resources, the company says.

According to the American Heart Journal Plus, the trucking industry, characterized by demanding work conditions and lifestyle challenges, has seen an alarming rise in cardiovascular disease prevalence. Recognizing the severity of this crisis, Cardio Diagnostics and Truckers Health Network have pledged to dramatically improve accessibility to heart health solutions for truckers, their families, and their employers.

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This new jointly-developed offer includes a one-stop-shop for trucking companies tackling heart disease in their employees to deploy cutting-edge clinical tests followed by enhanced employee wellness resources to manage heart disease. Trucking companies that sign up can expect to increase the number of employees who participate remotely via telemedicine or through regular onsite heart disease fairs that bring the tests and education to the employees via mobile clinics and clinicians.

With Cardio’s Employer Risk Intelligence platform, employers that offer Cardio’s tests gain valuable and actionable insights on cardiovascular disease risk across their employee population in a HIPAA-compliant manner to better determine resources they may need to provide to their employees at risk for or have heart disease, according to the company.

Cardio Diagnostics will participate in Truckers Health Network’s seminal 2023 TruckersCon event, taking place in November 2023 in Mesa, Arizona, to drive momentum within the broader industry for addressing health in the trucking, transportation, and logistics industries overall. 

“This partnership with Cardio Diagnostics signals a transformational leap toward fostering a new era of cardiovascular wellness for the trucking community,” says Brian Hazelgren, chairman of Truckers Health Network. “Together, we are dedicated to developing customized solutions for the trucking industry to substantially reduce heart disease rates, creating a win-win for trucking companies and their employees.”

This strategic alignment between Cardio Diagnostics and Truckers Health Network is poised to redefine the paradigm for heart health among truckers and transportation staff, the company says. 

“The intersection of advanced cardiovascular technology and the critical infrastructure of our nation’s trucking industry presents an unprecedented opportunity for transformative impact,” says Meesha Dogan, PhD, Cardio Diagnostics’ CEO and co-founder. “At Cardio Diagnostics, in partnership with Truckers Health Network, we’re strategically positioning ourselves to address the nuanced challenges trucking professionals face. It’s not merely about deploying state-of-the-art diagnostics; it’s about architecting a holistic and sustainable framework for health rooted in data-driven insights and rigorous analytical approaches. Our ambition transcends diagnostics—we envision a paradigm where prevention is integrated seamlessly into the fabric of the trucking industry’s operational model.”