Randox have released an automated test for levels of BNP, which is a protein made by your heart and blood vessels. Elevated levels of BNP are indicative of several comorbid conditions such as congestive heart failure, coronary heart disease, atrial fibrillation, chronic renal failure and chronic respiratory disease. It has additionally been shown to be associated with ischemic stroke and pre-eclampsia. This BNP control is designed to be used alongside the Acusera range of third-party controls, the Acusera 24.7 software will help to monitor and interpret QC data.

With access to a range of features which includes interactive charts, automatic calculations of measurement uncertainty and sigma metrics, live peer group data generated from our extensive database of laboratory participants, ensuring Acusera 24.7 is a comprehensive package. 

Acusera true third-party controls offer complete test menu consolidation for laboratory Internal Quality Control. Providing accurate and reliable sample material and delivering results that you can trust. 

BNP Control Features & Benefits

  • A true third-party solution, the new Acusera BNP Control is designed for use with in vitro diagnostics assays for the quantitative determination of BNP in human serum and plasma.
  • The BNP control delivers an Unbiased, independent assessment of analytical performance, helping to ensure accurate and reliable patient testing for BNP. With a 30-day open-vial stability, the BNP control will reduce waste, whilst remaining easy and convenient to use.
  • Optimized for use on Beckman, Abbott, and Siemens systems, these controls are also suitable for other platforms.