BioLytical Laboratories, Richmond, British Columbia, has filed two patent applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office relating to multicolor rapid detection assay systems. The two new patent applications expand the company’s growing intellectual property portfolio, which includes an immunoassay system for the detection of antibodies to such pathogens as Zika and other flaviviruses.

The two new patent applications are based on the company’s Insti platform and describe methods and kits allowing either simultaneous or sequential detection of different antibody classes to multiple pathogens using a single sample of blood or blood product.

The first patent application describes a method for detecting active or past infection, using Zika as an example. The second patent application describes a method for differentiating early from later stages of infection. These technology breakthroughs seek to revolutionize point-of-care rapid assays for the detection of acute infections, including Zika.

“It is important to have innovative and relevant technologies at a state of readiness to enable a rapid response to emerging infectious diseases like the Zika virus outbreak,” says Rick Galli, chief technical officer at BioLytical Laboratories. “This is a vital contribution to disease control measures necessary for effective intervention and disease management practices. These patents represent an important first step in being able to effectively respond to current and future outbreaks.”

According to BioLytical Laboratories, due to the high degree of crossreactivity within the flaviviridae family, a diagnostic assay that can rapidly detect and differentiate between them and determine new versus old infection, is of upmost importance.

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