San Francisco-based CityHealth, the leading provider of urgent care in the San Francisco Bay area and Trusted Testing Partner for the State of Hawaii, has a new testing option for Hawaii-bound travelers, the Hawaii Drop-Off Test Kit. 

The Hawaii Drop-Off Test Kit allows travelers the opportunity to collect their own nasal swab sample at home, under the supervision of a certified CityHealth clinician, via a secure telemedicine visit. Patients can drop off their sample at participating CityHealth COVID-19 testing centers. Kits include a molecular PCR test performed by a CLIA certified laboratory and result documentation required by the State of Hawaii. 

“We noticed we were consistently fully booked for Hawaii travel testing, in many cases weeks in advance. So we decided to put in an ‘express lane’ so people can enjoy a safe Hawaiian vacation or visit family and friends sooner,” says Sean Parkin, CityHealth CEO. “Our mission has always been to make world-class healthcare more accessible. The new Hawaii Drop-Off kit helps us do just that, as well as helping stimulate economic recovery for the State of Hawaii, whom we are pleased to partner with.”

Available for $40 (shipping included), the Hawaii Drop-Off test kit is shipped directly to the patient’s home. Seventy-two hours before departure, patients have a private telemedicine appointment to activate the kit and have a CityHealth clinician guide them through sample collection.

Once the sample is collected, patients can drop off the test kit at any participating CityHealth location in the Northern California Bay Area, including CityHealth Oakland, Dublin, El Cerrito, Livermore, Oakland (Northfield), Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose.   

Patients receive results via a secure email or text message within 30 hours of sample drop-off. 

Results are ready to be uploaded to the Hawaii Safe Travels system, a service provided by the Government of Hawaii that allows approved travelers to skip the mandatory 10-day quarantine period. Travelers must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result from a Trusted Testing Partner taken within 72 hours of departure and successfully pass a health questionnaire for approval. 

Featured image: Travelers planning to visit Hawaii can swab at home and drop off samples at participating CityHealth COVID-19 testing centers. (Credit: CityHealth)