As states reopen and travel volumes increase, COVID-19 remains a threat. Verifying the legitimacy of COVID-19 tests and vaccinations is a top priority. Cerebrum’s Provenance Validator makes this verification possible.

Until now, validating COVID-19 test results and vaccination records has proven difficult. SEAD Software operates a medical diagnostic portal used by top laboratories around the country, and has seen the problem first-hand: “It’s astoundingly simple to forge test results,” says Eric Wright, CIO, “because the standard format for presenting results is through PDFs or paper documents that can be recreated with basic computer programs like Microsoft Word or Photoshop.”

To fix this problem, SEAD Software has partnered with Cerebrum to provide verifiable test results to their national network of laboratories.

The verification process is simple: scan the QR code printed on the test result document, and get an instant confirmation of the test result’s status — valid, invalid, or expired. The QR code links to a web-app which displays the test result, and then checks the blockchain to confirm the data has been “notarized” by the issuing laboratory. 

“Our Validator functions as a tamper-proof digital notary,” explains Sebastian Mellen, Cerebrum CEO. “Each test result is ‘notarized’ on the Stellar blockchain using the testing laboratory’s secure cryptographic signature, and the QR code links to this cryptographic proof. Any tampering invalidates the result — a huge step forward from paper documents.”

The data remains HIPAA compliant and highly secure. Because all sensitive test information is encapsulated within the QR code link, no third party (including Cerebrum) ever has access to the patient’s private health data.

Clarity Lab Solutions, a medical laboratory and testing facility that runs on SEAD’s platform, provides COVID-19 testing services at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Co-Founder and President Daniel Léger adds, “COVID-19 test result forgery is a massive health risk, and we expect to see more forged records as travel volumes increase. We’ve implemented Cerebrum’s Validator on all of our tests to solve this problem by providing our international customers with a secure and easy way to validate test results.”

Cerebrum emphasizes that the Provenance Validator solution works for any test result or document that needs to be securely verified. The solution is available for use in travel, business, and events, and scales to vaccination card verification and beyond.

Featured Images: Cerebrum