Mucormycosis, or black fungus, a devastating infection that has been spreading throughout India during the COVID-19 pandemic, has seized global attention. Recently, the country’s mucormycosis cases reached over 57,150 and resulted in 54% mortality. It is associated with high diabetes prevalence in India. Other COVID-19-infected countries (Pakistan, Russia, Nepal, Chile, Brazil, etc.) appear to be experiencing the same issue, indicating that populations with a high number of cases of both diabetes and COVID-19 infection rates should be alarmed.

Unfortunately, difficulties being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are causing delayed diagnoses of mucormycosis. To combat this problem, Dongguan, China-based Fapon Biotech Inc., is working with its academic and industry partners to help develop mucormycosis diagnostic tests by sharing its upstream raw material development platforms and downstream reagent application platforms.

Fapon Biotech is a mainstream supplier of COVID-19 reagent raw materials with proven experience helping partners to launch accredited COVID-19 reagents in a short amount of time. The company has over 1,000 IVD partners worldwide with more than 10 years of business operation in India. Its technology platforms can match the R&D process from partners easily and provide support from biomarker discovery to commercialization. The company says that through Fapon Biotech’s different application platforms, organizations can quickly complete the biomarker application development process. 

Because of its strong relationship with laboratories and IVD manufacturers in India, Fapon Biotech can provide its partners with access to resources and commercial opportunities such as clinical samples for research and product validation, technology iterations, and product launch and promotion.

As COVID-19 continues its mutation and triggers diseases like mucormycosis to complicate the situation, rapid responses via global cooperation will be crucial in areas with overwhelmed healthcare systems. Fapon Biotech officials say the company is committed to fueling the advancement of COVID-19 diagnosis through collaborations with international IVD partners.

Featured image: Closeup of red blood conjunctivitis in the eyes of a male infected with Mucormycosis, known as black fungus disease, affecting people in India. (Credit: 219062064 © Gajendra Bhati |