The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) has chosen to upgrade to Precision Decision from Cleveland, Ohio-based GenomOncology to further enhance the free clinical trial matching services PanCAN offers to pancreatic cancer patients. 

Through its comprehensive patient services program, PanCAN is committed to matching patients to the best treatment opportunities to create a world in which all patients with pancreatic cancer will thrive. PanCAN strongly recommends that pancreatic cancer patients consider clinical trials at diagnosis as well as during every treatment decision, and according to research from the organization, patients who receive treatment based on their tumor’s biological characteristics have better outcomes. 

In 2020, PanCAN implemented GenomOncology’s Clinical Trial Matching solution in order to streamline the organization’s biomarker-driven clinical trial matching process. PanCAN chose GenomOncology due to the company’s overall industry knowledge and expertise, as well as the breadth of clinical trial curation available within the solution. Since the implementation of GenomOncology’s Clinical Trial Matching Solution, PanCAN has increased the number of biomarker-driven searches by 300% and has reduced the time spent on biomarker clinical trial searches by 50%. Due to this success, PanCAN has decided to upgrade to GenomOncology’s Precision Decision solution.

With Precision Decision, PanCAN will have access to enhanced clinical trial and therapy matching due to the combination of automation and quality assurance, which results in the aggregation of available variant, disease, and patient data. Precision Decision will also enable the PanCAN team to advance their treatment searching capabilities through the addition of the patient’s prior intervention history, such as chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, targeted therapy administration, or if they have participated in other clinical trials. 

“It’s important for PanCAN’s patient services team to be able to provide fast, reliable, and personalized information to support patients in their treatment journey,” says Lynn Matrisian, PanCAN’s chief science officer. “By implementing GenomOncology’s Clinical Trial Matching Solution, we have been able to serve our patients faster and more accurately in finding biomarker-driven clinical trials specifically relevant to them.” 

“Precision Decision will further advance the patient treatment matching capabilities of the PanCAN team,” says GenomOncology’s Joe McCrone, vice president of client services. “The ability to dive deeper into a patient population, including their prior interventions, will narrow down the best treatment option for a patient significantly, and will ultimately help improve potential outcomes.”