Nomi Health, a direct healthcare company offering affordable care across the U.S., is expanding its testing offerings to include influenzas A and B at its Utah COVID-19 testing sites. The clinic also will continue to provide COVID-19 PCR and antigen testing.

Last week, 1,220 cases of the flu-related hospitalizations were reported in Utah and experts predict this will continue and possibly increase during the winter months. Therefore, testing is as important as ever for people who are experiencing symptoms to understand their illness and seek appropriate treatment, the company says.

The new all-in-one testing service is a quick way to identify if a resident has COVID-19 and/or the influenza A and B. Currently Nomi Health has zero wait time and the tests will be processed in Nomi Health’s lab ensuring quick results, typically within less than 24 hours.

Each site is encouraging residents to schedule an appointment. Additionally, each location will also be providing tests without an appointment on a first-come first-serve basis. Proof of insurance will be requested.

Nomi Health has administered everyday healthcare services to more than 14 million Americans in hundreds of communities nationwide, the company says. During the COVID pandemic, this direct care model played a pivotal role in care access, public health, and keeping economies open and operating.