FDA has granted emergency use authorization to Phosphorus, New York, for its covid-19 saliva test that features at-home sample collection. The test is geared toward employers and healthcare providers, with the goal of safely resuming operations, but it is also available to the general public through Web orders. This is only the second at-home unsupervised saliva test so far authorized by FDA.
Saliva-based sample collection is simpler and less intrusive than swab-based methods. Such ease-of-use is key to enabling the widespread and repetitive testing protocols proposed by experts to contain the covid-19 pandemic.

Obtaining the test is a simple process: consumers order it through an online checkout process, which includes completing a medical questionnaire. An independent physician will review the medical information, and once approved a sample collection kit will be shipped to the consumer’s home. Test results will be available within 72 hours after receipt at the laboratory and will be accompanied by a consultation from medical personnel.

Phosphorus is also partnering with healthcare facilities and employers to conduct covid-19 testing while limiting exposure risks by collecting samples at home.

“Covid testing is essential to getting life back to normal. This test will allow people to be tested from the safety of their homes with the oversight of medical personnel,” says Alexander Bisignano, cofounder and chief executive officer of Phosphorus. “We thank FDA for their hard work throughout this crisis and the quick action they have taken. We look forward to helping the country reopen.”

For more information, visit Phosphorus.