The White House’s six-pronged action plan calls for increased COVID-19 diagnostic testing in businesses, educational institutions and other organizations – a method that, while effective, leaves employers with 100+ employees reportedly scrambling to find ways to implement, track the new requirement, and prove their COVID testing compliance, or face steep fines.

The White House’s plan outlines methods to increase access to COVID-19 diagnostic tests, but large employers – who are now mandated to track vaccination status or weekly test results across their entire employee base – may be left with more questions than answers. For employers with hundreds or thousands of staff members, the question of “how” to prove COVID testing compliance on a weekly basis is pressing, especially considering that violating the White House’s plan could result in fines up to $14,000 per incident. 

But even once the logistical headache of implementing such widespread testing is answered, another threat looms. Without a full audit trail of every employee’s testing records, employers may still be at risk for fines if they can’t show COVID testing compliance and defend themselves against alleged violations.

“These are waters most employers have never entered before, and it gets incredibly complex incredibly fast,” says Brett Martin, CEO of  CastleBranch, an infectious disease screening company. “Mandates mean continuously collecting sensitive medical documents from employees, tracking weekly diagnostic test results, and creating a documented audit trail while protecting the individual’s private information from unlawful exposure. For the inexperienced, it’s an unmitigated nightmare.” 

To help large employers, colleges and universities, Martin’s company created an essential tool kit: CB COVID-19 Compliance and Included in CB COVID-19 Compliance is the company’s Diagnostic Test Tracking solution, which helps organizations prove COVID testing compliance with a diagnostic COVID-19 test via a secure, password-protected platform. The tool helps organizations protect the employee’s private data and information, and also provides a detailed audit trail to help protect the employers from potential liability. The solution can be paired with, which provides digital and physical proof of COVID-19 vaccination status while helping companies create a secure audit trail.

“COVID-19 represents one of the greatest existential threats to our health, safety and well-being any of us have seen in our lifetime,” says Martin. “CastleBranch has the tools and experience to safely navigate the government’s directive, and to help organizations and individuals manage the regulatory risks that come with handling protected health records.”

With more than 20 years of experience, CastleBranch built the Essential Tool Kit with inspiration and guidance from some of the world’s leading epidemiologists and pandemic disease policy experts. It’s also been endorsed by both the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN) and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), the nation’s two largest nursing healthcare associations, representing more than 80% of nursing education in the country.

Weekly tests for the unvaccinated will require careful process and documentation to avoid potential fines to employers. Things to consider:

  • Employers with 100+ employees face the challenge of implementing weekly diagnostic testing or proving vaccination status in response to updated COVID-19 Action Plan from the White House.
  • Without a plan, large employers, schools and healthcare facilities face thousands of dollars in penalties and fines per violation.
  • CastleBranch’s Diagnostic Test Tracking, paired with, provides an essential tool kit to track diagnostic test results, prove vaccination status, and create a secure audit trail to help protect organizations from liability.

Featured image: Essential Tool Kit by CastleBranch provides evidence of vaccination, proof COVID testing, and more to help employers with President Biden’s vaccine mandate. Photo: CastleBranch