The University of South Carolina (UofSC) will be using GoMeyra LIMS from Las Vegas-based GoMeyra for rapid covid-19 test processing. The proprietary system, which initiated testing January 2021, will help to monitor as well as provide testing protocols for surrounding communities and organizations within the Columbia metropolitan area. 

GoMeyra LIMS is a comprehensive lab information management system for labs and medical practices that empowers processing and monitoring for PCR, rapid antigen, and antibody testing, as well as verification for individual vaccine administration.With a re-imagined system that supports laboratory and business operations with greater accessibility, functionality and interconnectivity, the company says testing capacities are exponentially increased, which allows for more same-day patient results within hours. 

“The University of South Carolina, like all other universities, wants to make sure our students and faculty are safe on campus this semester and will be requiring the entire campus community to be tested for covid-19 every month. That means testing an estimated 25% of the campus population per week at an average of 2,000 tests processed daily, which will be a herculean endeavor,” says Stephen Cutler, PhD, Dean of the College of Pharmacy at UofSC. “To handle this, we have acquired a laboratory information management system that will allow us to streamline our CLIA laboratory’s operations.”

To help facilitate testing, the university’s College of Pharmacy has set up two main testing locations: one for students and one for faculty and staff. These locations will conduct testing 5 to 7 days a week based on need and during published hours to be announced through the UofSC Central Communications website ( and circulated via email. covid-19 testing is provided by the College of Pharmacy, Student Health Services, and the School of Medicine, which will be utilizing several different types of testing methods.

TheGoMeyra SCAN app is synced to a customized portal, where administrators can scan an employee or student’s QR code or badge to find test results, which will determine if a faculty member or student can return to work or school safely during the pandemic. For labs, GoMeyra COLLECT is an app that allows technicians to scan samples, track and remotely process tests, monitor operations, and review data from anywhere. 

“GoMeyra LIMS is designed with simplicity, efficiency and adaptability in mind, which has proven to be a real benefit for a number of corporations, universities, and large-scale organizations,” says Jaswant S. Tony, founder and chief executive officer for GoMeyra. 

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