Sekisui Diagnostics, Lexington, Mass, has expanded its point-of-care (POC) diagnostics product line through a recent partnership agreement with Qualigen Inc, Carlsbad, Calif. Sekisui is now the exclusive worldwide distributor of the FastPack IP system, Qualigen’s POC immunoassay system. Based on chemiluminescent technology, the system delivers rapid results for FT4, hCG, testosterone, total and free PSA, TSH, and vitamin D.

“Our agreement with Qualigen expands our offering in the rapidly growing field of POC diagnostics,” says Robert Schruender, president and chief operating officer of Sekisui Diagnostics. “FastPack IP is highly compatible with our current POC business, and our distributor relationships.”

In addition to offering the immunoassay tests performed on the FastPack IP system, Sekisui also offers the OSOM line of rapid tests for trichomonas and bacterial vaginosis, to aid in the diagnosis of vaginal infections, as well as tests for influenza, mononucleosis, pregnancy, Strep A, and ulcer-causing Helicobacter pylori. “Practice efficiency may be enhanced by performing these tests onsite, providing an effective way for physicians to offer their patients the convenience of receiving test results and implementation of therapy in a single visit,” Schruender adds.

The FastPack IP system is a patented, fully automated, compact, quantitative immunoassay-based system that generates immunoassay results in 12 minutes or less. The system was designed specifically for the physician office and is designated as moderately complex under the terms of the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments of 1988.

For more information, visit AACC booth 1337 or Sekisui Diagnostics.