The New York-based Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health (AAIUH), a community based health equity organization, and Florida based IMG Helps (IMGH), the philanthropic arm of IMG Health Clinic, a community clinic that specializes in the testing, treatment and management of HIV, Hepatitis C, STDs, and PrEP, announce they have formed the AAIUH X IMGH alliance .

Together, AAIUH and IMGH will focus on their shared healthcare missions and values while leveraging each other’s relationships and resources to reach and treat more people. This partnership, which promotes education, sexual wellness, and overall health, will provide resources, life-saving treatments, and care to people in underserved communities.

“We are excited and beyond honored to be partnering with the amazing Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health organization. Through this collaboration, we look forward to expanding each other’s services to Florida and nationwide where we are confident that we can help save more lives together in underserved communities,” said Clifford W. Knights II and Steve Vixamar, co-founders of IMG Helps, in joint statement.

Recognizing the synergy between both organizations, MACADOO worked to establish and form the AAIUH X IMGH alliance that aims to raise healthcare awareness, expand donorship and positively impact lives. Celebrating 30 years as an organization, AAIUH will replicate one of its core educational programs, Barbershop Talk With Brothers, which will serve as the anchor and launchpad to the alignment, which will be enhanced by IMGH’s fleet of mobile clinics for testing and treatment. Other initiatives include “text to treat” campaigns, HBCU #KnowYourStatus tour, and influencers featuring the latest generation of rising tennis stars. Through these various opportunities, AAIUH X IMGH will help to save more lives while also working to remove the stigma behind HIV, AIDS and other illnesses that affect marginalized groups.

“Now in our 30th year, we are delighted to replicate our innovative community health promotion programs in neighborhoods throughout Florida in partnership with a trusted and established organization such as IMG Helps. Together we will work to reduce health inequities,” says Marilyn Fraser, MD, CEO of Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health.