With national attention focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, World Voices Media/Pinyon Foundation together with La Red Hispana-Hispanic Communications Network launched a new multimedia campaign in Spanish to help end the HIV epidemic in the United States and to encourage Hispanic communities to get tested for HIV as the first step.

The campaign “My test, my way” is coordinated with the support of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and seeks to encourage Latinos and Latinas of all ages to get tested for HIV at home, with a family doctor, in a clinic, by themelves or in the company of loved ones, to learn what their HIV status is, and where appropriate, obtain care and treatment.

Although the CDC believes that we are closer than ever to ending the HIV epidemic, official figures show that Latino communities in the United States are being disproportionately affected by the incidence of HIV: Hispanics account for a quarter of all new infections of the virus, despite accounting for 18% of the country’s population. 

The self-testing kits can be ordered free of charge using the platform Take Me Home, which is offered in both English and Spanish language. The program is for anybody aged 17 or older, who lives in the United States (including Puerto Rico), and who has not used the program recently. This program is funded in part by the Minority HIV/AIDS Fund.

“Although the COVID pandemic continues to capture our attention, the reality is that there are other health challenges for us Hispanics. The new campaign makes the information and resources available to get tested for HIV as if it were any other routine health exam,” says Mariana Nonino, Pinyon Foundation/World Voices Media PACT Program Coordinator.

The campaign coincides with the celebration of National HIV Testing Day, on June 27, and offers public service announcements (PSAs), messages on digital platforms and social networks, as well as interviews and collaborations with activists from health departments and community-based organizations to raise awareness about the importance of HIV testing and early diagnosis.

The messages provide Latinos and Latinas with the information they need to decide which HIV test is the most appropriate for their lifestyle and personal situation, and underline that getting tested is now easier than ever with self-testing kits.