OraSure Technologies Inc, Bethlehem, Pa, announced the availability of the OraQuick® In-Home HIV Test at retailers nationwide and online.

The OraQuick® In-Home HIV Test detects antibodies to both HIV-1 and HIV-2 with an oral swab, providing a confidential in-home testing option with results in as little as 20 minutes. The in-home test is an over-the-counter version of OraQuick ADVANCE®, an oral swab rapid test with more than 25 million units sold in the professional market, including doctors, hospitals, clinics and other trained professionals. The OraQuick In-Home HIV Test is now available nationwide at more than 30,000 retailers and online.

To ensure optimal support for individuals using the OraQuick® In-Home HIV Test, OraSure is making available specialized resources including live support and comprehensive referral services 24/7 through a toll-free support center and comprehensive consumer website. The OraQuick® support center is staffed with bi-lingual (English/Spanish) representatives who are available by telephone at 866-436-6527 to answer questions about HIV/AIDS and using and interpreting the test. They also provide referrals to follow-up and care, and they can also take orders for the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test. Additionally, the product website provides access to resources and referral to follow-up counseling, confirmatory testing and medical care.

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[source: OraSure]