pn13.jpg (8500 bytes)This company announces an enhancement to the PK TP System, an in-vitro diagnostic microhemagglutination test to be used in qualitative screening for the detection of Treponema Pallidum (TP) antibodies in human serum or EDTA plasma.
     The FDA recently cleared a modification to the PK TP System that will allow blood donor centers to perform syphillis screening on EDTA donor samples up to five days after collection. Previously, samples had to be tested within two days. The two-day limitation creates problems over weekends and holidays when blood may not be tested within two days of collection. It was also a limiting factor after the September 11 tragedy when the volume of donations precluded completion of all testing with two days of collection.
     The PK TP System is used on the PK200 automated microplate system and has allowed blood donor centers to automate the syphilis screening process for blood donors. This includes simultaneous testing of ABO/Rh, syphilis, and cytomegalovirus; automation from sample handling to data transmission including positive sample ID; and a throughput testing of 240 samples per hour.
Keywords: blood banking, infectious disease