Myriad Genetics, Salt Lake City, has launched a new patient home collection kit for the GeneSight Psychotropic test. The kit allows the DNA sample collection typically administered in a clinician’s office to be completed at home. The new direct-to-patient collection kit must still be ordered by a licensed healthcare provider. “We’ve seen an unprecedented rise in mental health issues including depression and anxiety due to the pandemic. A recent survey from John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health showed a threefold increase in the number of adults experiencing psychological distress,” says Mark S. Verratti, president of Myriad Neuroscience and Myriad Autoimmune. “At the same time, more clinicians are practicing telemedicine out of necessity to continue to provide care to their patients. To accommodate this growing need for remote access and innovative solutions, we created this easy-to-use patient collection kit. This process allows clinicians to continue to use the GeneSight test as one tool at their disposal when developing a treatment plan for their patients suffering from depression or anxiety.” Clinicians who have determined that GeneSight is right for their patient may order the test through the secure, online GeneSight portal and request that the kit be sent directly to the patient. Once the patient receives the kit, they follow a clear process with step-by-step instructions. The kit utilizes a buccal, or cheek swab, the patient can use to collect DNA from the inside of their cheeks. After collecting the sample, the patient puts the swab into a confidential, prepaid and preaddressed shipping envelope to return it to the Myriad Neuroscience CLIA and CAP Accredited lab for processing. In approximately 2 days, the ordering clinician receives the GeneSight report via the secure clinician portal. For more information, visit Myriad Genetics.