Dolomite Microfluidics, Royston, UK, recently unveiled the first commercially available 3D printer for fluidically sealed devices. The Fluidic Factory uses translucent cyclic olefin copolymer to enable rapid prototyping of fluidically sealed devices, such as chips, sensor cartridges, fluid manifolds, valves, connectors, and medical devices. The system’s software and hardware ensures reliable sealing of fluidic paths, allowing the creation of precise channel geometries and various features not possible using etching, embossing, molding, or machining techniques. Users can choose a design from the system’s design library, or create and print their own unique devices using virtually any computer-aided design software. With complete design flexibility, the system is suited for a wide range of applications, including organ-on-a-chip, point-of-care diagnostics, drug development, chemical synthesis, and analytical and biomedical assays. For more information, visit Dolomite Microfluidics.