d02a.jpg (8682 bytes)Helmer Inc’s i.Series™ –30°C Plasma Storage Freezer incorporates the i.Center™ Integrated Monitoring System, which provides advanced security and monitoring capabilities. The i.Center features a password-protected configuration page, automatic high-alarm testing, an event log with alarm dates and times, and a 24-hour on-screen temperature graph.

     The electric refrigeration system defrost can be programmed to the actual time desired, allowing defrost cycles to run automatically during low-use periods. A defrost icon will appear on the i.Center, alerting the user that a defrost cycle is in progress. Refrigeration system performance is recorded in the defrost log.

     The i.Series Plasma Storage Freezer features a Cold-Guard system to improve recovery performance and eliminate the need for an inner door. It also includes a stainless-steel interior, eight stainless-steel drawers and slides for easy operation at low temperatures, and dual stainless-steel temperature/alarm monitor probes in product simulation bottles. The freezer is 79 inches tall, including casters, allowing passage through standard-height doorways.