Acid Storage Cabinet
Designed for corrosive chemical storage
Hemco Acid Storage Cabinet_optThe acid storage cabinet from Hemco Corp, Independence, Mo, is specifically designed for the storage of corrosive chemicals. A molded one-piece fiberglass liner inserts directly into the cabinet and is sealed on all edges for ease of cleaning. The interior front bottom edge features a containment lip to hold spills. The lined front access doors have sealed edges and air inlet vents. No metal is exposed to corrosive vapors. The shelf is removable to permit larger container storage. Standard size is 35 inches high and 22 inches deep, with widths available in 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48 inches.
Hemco Corp
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Cross-Stacking Tubs
Easy stacking and storage
Akro-Mils Cross-Stack Akro-Tub250
The latest cross-stacking tub (25 inches L x 16 inches W x 8.5 inches H; model 34305) from Akro-Mils, Akron, Ohio, has a capacity of 9.75 gallons and 1.25 cubic feet. A lid (model 34005) is also available to protect contents. Designed from FDA-sanctioned materials, Cross-Stack Akro-Tubs feature grooves that allow stable, 90-degree stacking. Molded handles provide comfortable lifting, while reinforced walls help withstand wear and tear. Compatible with standard 36-inch shelving units and conveyor systems, these plastic tubs also nest when empty to conserve storage space. Available in gray, blue, or natural.
Akro-Mils (800) 253-2467;

Ergonomic Pipettes
Ease muscle stress
VistaLab_OvationMFamilyA new line of manual pipettes from VistaLab Technologies Inc, Brewster, NY, combines the ergonomic features of the company’s Ovation design with a conventional analog volume-setting capability. The Ovation M offers a contoured shape and adjustable hook that enables neutral forearm and wrist positions during pipetting to prevent muscle stress. The patented tip acquisition and discard system, along with a low-force plunger, requires less effort to operate. Each pipette is factory-calibrated for correct volume delivery and can be adjusted to achieve accurate results for dense and viscous liquids. Six color-coded models are available for precise liquid dispensing from 0.2 ?L to 1,000 ?L.
VistaLab Technologies
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Precision Pipette
Dispenses 100 times without refill
Eppendorf_RepeaterM4230The Repeater M4 pipette from Eppendorf, Hauppauge, NY, minimizes the time and effort required to maintain precision during repeat dispensing tasks. Compatible with nine sizes of the company’s Combitips, the Repeater M4 can dispense volumes from 1 µL to 10 mL and completes as many as 100 operations without refill. A built-in sensor detects the Combitips automatically, displaying the tip volume and eliminating the need for manual volume calculations. In addition, the new central Combitip ejector supports one-handed operation for contact-free tip ejection that avoids any risk of contamination. The pipette is ideal for applications involving 96-well plates.
Eppendorf North America Inc
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Intelligent Fluid Metering Pump
Internal programmable driver
Fluid Metering IntelligentPump-1_optThe intelligent fluid metering pump from Fluid Metering Inc, Syosset, NY, combines the body of FMI’s STH stepper pump with an integral programmable driver. Designed for analytical and process instrumentation, the pump has a minimum flow rate of 25 µL/min (H00) and a maximum of 240 mL/min (H200). Speed ranges from 10 to 1,200 RPM at 40 PSI. Multiple programming platforms are supported, including Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi, and Lab View. Users can mix and match the five programmable inputs and two programmable outputs according to the application. The pump also offers RS-232 serial communication; EtherCAT communication with an optional extension module; and resonance-free, quiet operation.
Fluid Metering Inc
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High-Throughput Biobanking Tubes
Optimize freezer space
Greiner_BioOne_Cryo.s_BiobankingCryo.s biobanking tubes from Greiner Bio-One, Monroe, NC, offer high-throughput sample storage for automated storage systems. The new tubes are 30% shorter than standard cryo tubes to optimize space in freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks. They are available in volumes of 300 ?L, 600 ?L, and 1,000 ?L, and are supplied in ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 standard footprint racks. The tubes and racks are optimized for automated laboratory equipment, such as decappers, liquid handling systems, and automated storage systems. A unique datamatrix code on each tube provides machine-assisted, error-proof identification of each individual sample. Materials include medical-grade polymer with low leachables content and a screw cap with a silicon gasket to enable long-term, low-temperature storage and minimize sample contamination and loss.
Greiner Bio-One
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Chemical Storage Cabinets
Air Science SafeStore_optSeal off dangerous chemicals
A new line of vented chemical storage cabinets from Air Science, Fort Myers, Fla, provides protection from noxious or odorous chemicals. The SafeStore containers isolate chemical vapors, residues, and volatile organic compounds to limit operator exposure, prevent cross contamination, and minimize environmental impact. A multiplex carbon filtration system offers an alternative to ducted cabinets, preventing particulate release into the surrounding area and safeguarding personnel during maintenance and decontamination. Available in capacities of 25, 1,000, or 2,000 liters.
Air Science USA
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Easy-Transfer Agar Media Dishes
Reduces secondary contamination
Microsart agar media dishMicrosart @media from Sartorius Stedim Biotech, Bohemia, NY, are sterile-packaged, prefilled agar media dishes for microbial limit testing according to the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (Chapter 61) and European Pharmacopoeia (Chapter 2.6.12). Designed for use with Microsart @filter units, Microsart @media dishes incorporate a patented, liftable lid. The active lid aligns with the @filter base for smooth, touch-free transfer of the membrane filter onto the agar, reducing the risk of secondary contamination, and providing access to the colonies after incubation.
Sartorius Corp
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Disinfectant Spray and Bleach Towelettes
Kills H1N1 in 1 minute
Current_Tech_Bleach 250.jpgBleach-Rite disinfecting spray and Hype-Wipe bleach towelettes from Current Technologies Inc, Crawfordsville, Ind, kill influenza A H1N1 in 1 minute. Containing at least 0.525% bleach at a 1:10 dilution, the hospital-grade disinfectants are EPA-registered and stabilized for long-term storage. Both can be used on several nonporous surfaces, including glass, plastic, linoleum, and stainless steel. Together, the spray and wipes are approved to kill organisms, including C. difficile; Acinetobacter baumannii; E. coli; hepatitis A, B, and C; norovirus; and HIV-1. Full-size Hype-Wipe towelettes are 6 inches x 12 inches with enough solution to wipe down a 40-square-foot area. Bleach-Rite is available in 16- and 32-ounce bottles with sprayers, as well as half-gallon and gallon bottles.
Current Technologies
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Lab Waste Collection Containers
Dispose of non-sharp contaminated items
Whitney_Bench Top KeepersThe redesigned disposable Bench-Top Keepers from Whitney Medical Solutions, Niles, Ill, offer an economical solution to collecting infectious waste in the lab. Designed to hold contaminated items such as petri dishes, pipettes, test tubes, applicator sticks, swabs, and other non-sharp items, the containers enable users to save money by saving their sharps for sharps containers. The new Bench-Top Keepers have a wide opening and provide more usable interior space while retaining their small footprint. The items close securely for safe disposal and are plastic-lined to avoid leaking. Made in the USA.
Whitney Medical Solutions
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Lentiviral Precipitation Solution
Increase titer up to 100 times
Alstem lentivirus_optA mixture of polymers optimized for the precipitation of lentiviral particles, the Lentivirus Precipitation Solution from Alstem, Richmond, Calif, provides a rapid, efficient method for concentrating lentiviral particles. Laboratorians can mix a lentiviral supernatant with the Lentivirus Precipitation Solution, incubate for a short period, and spin the mixture in a standard centrifuge, increasing lentivirus titer by up to 100 fold in as little as 4 hours. No ultracentrifugation is required, and the solution is scalable for use with large volumes. The Lentivirus Precipitation Solution is a 5x solution and safe for all cell lines, including ES cells.
(510) 708-0096;

Louvered Floor Rack
Akro-Mils louvered floor rack_opt (1)Supports up to 500 pounds
The Double-Sided Louvered Floor Rack (18 inches W x 25 inches D x 66.37 inches H; model 30658) from Akro-Mils, Akron, Ohio, has a weight capacity of 500 pounds and can accommodate multiple sizes of Akro-Mils’ AkroBins and InSight crystal clear bins. Built from 16-gauge, cold-rolled steel for strength and durability, the rack also has a powder-coated finish to endure heavy-duty daily use. Available in gray.
(800) 253-2467;

Non-Drip Pipettes
Preserve sample integrity
Eppendorf_Serological_pipets_printA new line of pipettes from Eppendorf North America, Hauppauge, NY, is suitable for cell culture applications in which accuracy and sample integrity are critical. With clear material and sharp graduation for simplified read-out, Eppendorf Serological Pipets are designed for use with the company’s Easypet pipette controller. According to Eppendorf, use of the equipment together reduces the risk of dripping and provides high-quality and reliable liquid handling for delicate procedures. Made from clear polystyrene, each pipette complies with USP class VI plastic tests and has a sterility assurance level of 10–6.
Eppendorf North America
(800) 645-3050;

Electronic Pipette
Reduces repetitions
ThermoSci_E1ClipTip E 480The E1-ClipTip electronic pipette from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, Mass, enables precise sample volumes on every channel with fewer repetitions, and reproducible results for multiple application types. The latest extension of the ClipTip portfolio, the E1 offers interlocking technology that improves sample security. Adjustable tip spacing allows users to transfer multiple samples between different labware formats using one pipette, resulting in 90% less worktime compared to single-channel manual pipettes. Electronic tip ejection also increases efficiency. A personalized interface and password protection ensures unified operation among users, while preset and step-based matrix operating options deliver optimal function for each application. Users can store up to 20 programs with a unique name and calibration, and a lithium-ion battery and charging stand also provide convenient recharging.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Petri-Plate Packaging Materials
Extend shelf life
NanoLogix_FlatPack_packaging230New research has confirmed that packaging materials from NanoLogix, Hubbard, Ohio, can significantly extend the shelf life of petri plates, offering new possibilities for the manufacture and storage of agar-filled petri dishes. When sealed in the company’s patented FlatPack packaging for 19 months, the company’s Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA) plates performed as well as a competitor’s week-old plates. Traditionally, agar-filled petri plates have been manufactured at regional locations near the end user to avoid potential breakage in transit. NanoLogix petri-based products can be stored at room temperature for months or more, reducing energy requirements and allowing for production and distribution from a central location.
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