The Thermo Scientific Medifuge benchtop centrifuge from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, Mass, features a hybrid rotor that has interchangeable fixed-angle and swinging buckets. Designed to improve productivity, the two-in-one DualSpin rotor facilitates quick switching between applications, eliminating the need to exchange or purchase additional rotors. The centrifuge incorporates such safety and environmental sustainability features as an emergency lid-lock release, in case of power failure; quiet operation at less than 56 dBA; and a lightweight composite rotor that saves energy during acceleration and deceleration. The centrifuge features a large, brightly lit display with intuitive controls and a fast one-click closure. The unit can accommodate a wide range of tubes, from 1.4 mL to 15 mL, with two spacer options, including clinical in vitro diagnostic blood tubes, gel tubes, standard syringes, and conical tubes. Serum preparation can be done with swinging buckets, which minimize contamination risk. Cell pelleting can be performed using fixed-angle buckets. For more information, visit Thermo Fisher Scientific.