The BioFlo 320 from Eppendorf North America Inc, Hauppauge, NY, is a bench-scale bioprocessing control station that provides autoclavable and single-use vessel flexibility for process customization. The single control platform has a working volume range of 250 mL to 40 L. Features include a packed bed and cell lift impeller for continuous processes, a universal gas control strategy for microbial and cell culture applications, and universal connections for analog or digital Mettler Toledo intelligent sensor management sensors. Thermal mass flow controllers for sparge and overlay gas are interchangeable, and high-powered direct and magnetic drive motor assemblies are capable of clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. The station is also equipped with Ethernet communication for multiunit control of up to eight systems, Eppendorf Scada software, and remote monitoring. With a vessel nest for minimum footprint, the compact station allows for left- and right-handed orientations to maximize lab space. For more information, visit Eppendorf.