Purair Eco series ductless fume hoods from Air Science, Fort Myers, Fla, are designed to protect the user and the environment from hazardous vapors generated on the work surface. The Eco series features innovative Air Science multiplex filtration technology and exclusive enhanced filtration technology to assure universal protection in the work environment for a wide range of industry applications.

Purair Eco

Purair Eco ductless fume hood from Air Science.

Eco series hoods offer a high-capacity air handling system with a face velocity of 100 FPM. Improved filter clamping prevents bypass leakage, while the filter assembly is easy to access and change. An ergonomic armrest provides user comfort.

Because filtered air from Eco series hoods is returned to the room, no demands are required of the facility’s HVAC system, eliminating HVAC and construction costs. The hoods are available are available in 5 sizes from 30 inches to 66 inches.

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