In a recent Series A investment round, Quad Technologies Inc, Woburn, Mass, secured a substantial amount of capital for use in accelerating the development of its disruptive cell processing technologies for translational medicine applications. The funding has also enabled Quad to launch its MagCloudz Streptavidin cell separation kit, the company’s first commercially available product incorporating its proprietary QuickGel technology.

The kit enables straightforward, scalable, and fast cell separation with unique magnetic particle dissociation, resulting in complete, label-free cells for applications including T-cell purification, stem cell isolation, circulating tumor cell separation, and immunotherapy.

QuickGel is a unique dissolvable hydrogel technology that enables high-efficiency purification and release of cells of interest. Designed to deliver improved cell viability, purity, and recovery, QuickGel seeks to enable researchers to simplify their cell separation and cell therapy workflows.

According to the company, which is backed by investors including Keswick Ventures, the investment follows initial funding from investors in the Boston and Houston regions earlier this year.

“Immunotherapy, cell therapy, and cell separation are significant growth areas within regenerative medicine, and all face challenges around scalability,” says Ian Ratcliffe, general partner at Keswick Ventures. “The availability of the MagCloudz kits will revolutionize the cell separation market and provide researchers with the speed, quality, and adaptability they need. We are excited to be part of this next phase of growth and are looking forward to working with the team at Quad to deliver this game-changing solution to market.”

Sean Kevlahan, Quad Technologies.

Sean Kevlahan, Quad Technologies.

“Utilizing our groundbreaking QuickGel technology, our MagCloudz kits will truly disrupt existing cell separation and cell therapy research workflows to develop breakthrough therapies for the clinic, and we are delighted to be the first to bring these benefits to market,” says Sean Kevlahan, CEO of Quad Technologies. “We will continue to strengthen and build on our existing collaborations to solve the current challenges associated with cell separation and evolve our solutions to meet customer needs in high-value applications.”

The company has also launched its new Web site to provide information on its QuickGel technology and applications of MagCloudz. For more information, visit Quad Technologies.