The Purelab Chorus range of customizable water purification systems from Elga Labwater, Woodridge, Ill, provides laboratories with flexible solutions to control quality, dispensing methods, and flowthrough. Chorus 1 delivers ultrapure Type I+/I water, using PureSure deionization to remove trace amounts of ions that could otherwise interfere with ultrasensitive analysis methods. Chorus 2 is suitable for applications such as electrophysiology, histology, and general chemistry requiring inorganic and microbial control where ultrapure water is not essential. Chorus 3 offers high flow rates of general pure grade Type III water at up to 120 liters per hour for daily laboratory applications. The Chorus systems integrate with Elga’s Halo dispensing solutions, which can be positioned independently to ensure that laboratory space is used effectively. For more information, visit Elga.