Beckman_JA 14 50 RotorDesigned for applications that use common, disposable conical tubes, the JA-14.50 rotors from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, Brea, Calif, can be used in the company’s Avanti J-26S, J-30I, and J-E centrifuges. According to Beckman Coulter, these are the only high-performance rotors capable of spinning 50, 15, 5, and 1.5 mL conical tubes and 50, 15 and 10 mL round-bottom tubes and bottles at their maximum speeds. Delivering a top speed of 14,000 rpm and rcf of 35,000 x g, JA-14.50 rotors hold up to 16 x 50 mL conical tubes and maximize the number of 50 mL conical tubes that can be processed in a single run. The fixed-angle rotor is intended for general pelleting of cells, bacteria, and food products; separating proteins, viruses, and subcellular fractions; running concentrators and columns; and for phase separation and binding studies. For more information, visit Beckman Coulter.