productThe Highplate rotor for Sovall Legend T and RT tabletop centrifuges allow researchers to spin tall microplate and DNA/RNA filter plate configurations at high speeds in a safe, biocontained environment.
     Independently tested and certified for biocontainment, the Highplate rotor accepts four deepwell microplates or two filtration devices, from any manufacturer, to a maximum height of 85 mm. The rotor, which is sealed with a single twist of the transparent lid, also accommodates 10 standard microplates.
     The Highplate rotor achieves speeds up to 5,350 rpm (5,220 x g) in both Legend T and refrigerated Legend RT centrifuges (120 V units). Space-saving T and RT models spin more tubes at higher RCFs more rapidly than many instruments and can process three liters of sample in a single run.
Keyword: centrifuge rotor, biocontained