The LabSpin™ Package contains the Hettich Rotofix 32 centrifuge, 4-place swinging bucket rotor, and aerosol tight buckets with inserts. The rotor accommodates vacutainers of any size, with a total spin capacity of 18 tubes at one time (10 each 13 x 75/100 mm and 8 each 16 x 75/100 mm). A fixed angle rotor is also available.
     The LabSpin is 10 inches high, 141/2 inches wide, 17 inches deep, and weighs 34 lbs. It features a brushless drive, programmable run time (in minutes, 1 to 99) and speed (in increments of 100 rpm), and digitally precise speed and timer control. An impulse key for short spins is provided.
     This metal centrifuge has automatic rotor recognition. Maximum speed with the swing-out rotor is 4,000 rpm. Safety features include lid locking and holding, emergency lid release, and imbalance switch off.

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