The LSM 880 with Airyscan confocal laser scanning microscope from Zeiss, Thornwood, NY, offers high sensitivity; enhanced resolution in x, y, and z; and high image-acquisition speed in a single system. A traditional confocal microscope detects signals with a single point detector. With Airyscan, by contrast, a multichannel area detector with 32 elements collects all the light from an Airy disk simultaneously. Each detector element functions as a single, very small pinhole, enabling light-efficient imaging: knowing the beam path and the spatial distribution of each Airy disk enables researchers to use all the photos the objective has collected. Users achieve improved sensitivity and a 1.7× higher resolution in all spatial dimensions (140 nm laterally and 400 nm axially), which leads to better image quality and increased speed. The whole imaging process is possible with standard sample preparation and labeling protocols. For more information, visit Zeiss.