Digitron_1000TC Digital thermometer 300A new range of handheld digital thermometers from Digitron (Cypress, Calif), an Elektron Technology brand, is designed to be rugged and water-resistant. The 1000 series thermometers offer simple, fast, and reliable operation, and provide precise, stable readings in even the harshest environments, with a choice of K, T, and thermistor thermocouples that enable measurement of an extensive range of temperatures. The cost-effective, water-resistant FM38 and FM45 thermometers are suitable for use in any environment. General purpose and air probes connected via a two-pin plug allow temperatures to be measured quickly and accurately (FM45 only), while a protective rubber boot helps to prevent accidental damage. The FM45 also offers push-button selection of various display options, including centigrade or Fahrenheit, minimum and maximum temperature readings, and probe selection. For more information, visit Digitron.