Torrey Pines HS70 Hot Plate crop640The EchoTherm programmable corrosion-resistant digital stirring hot plate from Torrey Pines Scientific, Carlsbad, Calif, was developed for use with aggressive chemicals in environments where other stirring hot plates would be quickly destroyed by vapors or spills. The EchoTherm model HS70 hot plate is designed to be purged using an inert gas supplied through a fitting on the rear of the chassis. Purging provides positive pressure inside the unit to prevent corrosive gasses from entering the chassis and attacking the electronics or stirring mechanism. Units feature 10-program memory with 10 steps per program, temperature ramping, RS232 I/O port, membrane keyboard, and a full-function liquid crystal display where all parameters are continuously visible. Heater tops are 8-inch square solid ceramic with 600 watts of power. Temperatures can be set up to 450°C. Accuracy is 1% over the entire temperature range. Temperature control is provided via proportional-integral-derivative (PID) software and is controlled to ±1°C or ±1ºF. Stirrer speeds can be set from 100 to 1500 rpm. For more information, visit Torrey Pines Scientific.