Hamilton Company, Reno, Nev, offers a choice of intelligent pipetting modules, including the Zeus and the new Zeus LT OEM pipetting module. Each module incorporates Hamilton’s pipetting technology, reducing the integrator’s learning curve. Both are suited for analytical instrument and clinical diagnostic systems, and Zeus LT offers the option for integrators to custom design the z-axis. More than a simple pipette module, the Zeus LT incorporates Hamilton’s intelligent air displacement pipetting technology, including qualitative pipette monitoring for clogged tips or foam aspiration, anti-droplet control for pipetting of volatile liquids, capacitive and pressure-based level detection, tip detection, and liquid class definitions. Unlike the original Zeus pipetting module, the Zeus LT does not come with an integrated z-axis. Easy mounting hardware enables attachment to an existing XYZ system, or development of an application-specific z-axis to accommodate space constraints or other design considerations. For more information, visit Hamilton Company.