Mastercycler_nexus_X2 400The Mastercycler Nexus X2 instrument from Eppendorf North America, Hauppauge, NY, provides a multiblock solution for simultaneous PCR runs. The instrument comprises two asymmetric blocks, consisting of 64 and 32 wells, which can be programmed and run independently, enabling two separate PCR protocols to run in parallel. With reduced noise emission of less than 40 dB, low power consumption, and a small, well-designed footprint, the Mastercycler Nexus X2 is suitable for use in any institution with multiple users. In comparison to other dual-block cyclers, the Mastercycler Nexus X2 enables users to run procedures using a large number of samples, without taking up a large amount of bench space. For more information, visit Eppendorf North America.