Machine slide racks from Winlab, Queensland, Australia, are engineered from a polyceramic process, ensuring that the racks are extremely rigid and highly resistant to solvents and temperatures up to 200°C.

The product line includes AWS 101-2-5 racks, which are compatible with staining and cover-slipping machines from Bayer, Hacker Instruments and Industries, Leica Biosystems, Meisei Chemical Works, Philips, Raymond Lamb, Sakura Finetek, Tharmac GmbH, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Ventana Medical Systems. For example, the AWS 101-2-3 is ideal for machine integration with Medite staining machines and Sakura glass cover-slipping machines due to its narrow bottom half and larger top half, while the AWS 101-2-8 has a swivel action hanger compatible with Medite, Leica, Tharmac, Raymond Lamb, and Thermo Fisher staining machines.

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