Sonation GmbH, Biberach, Germany, has developed a new series of tables specifically designed for lab equipment. The models’ reinforced base provides secure positioning for the apparatuses without sacrificing flexibility in the daily lab work. The new lab bench has been certified according to the safety requirements of DIN EN 61010-1.

The HPLC series with its steel-reinforced base can support an evenly distributed load weighing up to 250 kg (551 pounds) or lopsided loads of up to 150 kg (330 pounds). This stability is ensured by V-shaped reinforcements under the tabletop. The Trespa TopLabPlus panels used for the tabletop are totally chemical-resistant and the surface remains protected even after sustaining scratches or other superficial damage. 

Ball-bearing mounted castors enable the table to be moved effortlessly even under the heaviest loads. The workbench is available in several sizess and the height-adjustable models come in five different height ranges. Cables are well-protected and housed in a duct on the back. A feedthrough at the rear of the tabletop lets the connection cables be inserted into the duct and plugged into the integrated power strip. The tables can be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to keep the devices running while the table is being moved. 

For more information visit Sonation.