SpotBot 4 personal microarrayers from Arrayit Corp, Sunnyvale, Corp, feature patented contact printing technology that is installed in more than 4,200 laboratories around the world. The microarrayers facilitate desktop manufacturing of microarrays using amplicons, antibodies, antigens, bacterial artificial chromosomes, carbohydrates, cell extracts, DNA, lipids, oligonucleotide peptides, small molecules, and whole cells, for such applications as gene expression, genotyping, protein binding, and protein expression profiling. Arrangements with large original equipment manufacturers permit the integration of microarray manufacturing applications into the personal microarray platform. The microarrayer systems include a BioBlue personal computer with LED display, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, cables, and accessories for easy installation. Available options include a protein edition, “HotBot” heated edition, humidity control, megasonic pin cleaning, extended warranty coverage, and vision system. For more information, visit Arrayit Corp.