photo The Artel PCS 3 Pipette Calibration System is for verifying performance of mechanical action pipettes.
     A complete validation guide assists the operator with the installation qualification and operation of the system. Laboratories submitting data to a regulatory agency must validate their equipment and related processes. Materials supplied with this system can facilitate this validation.
     With the system, a 10 data-point, fully documented, NIST traceable pipette calibration can be completed in less than three minutes.
     The system allows for pipette calibration (performance verification) in real world conditions, eliminating the need for a controlled environment. The compact system fits on a lab bench and requires no warm-up. The immediate access to pipette calibration reduces the risk of using out-of-specification pipettes. Instant results provide operators with objective feedback, optimizing their pipetting technique and ensuring accurate results.
     An automatically generated printout lists individual sample delivery volumes, group statistics (mean and CV), pipette serial number, date and operator. The system can be used with volumes from 0.1mL to 5,000mL, with inaccuracy of less than 1.0 percent and imprecision of less than 0.5 percent for all sample sizes.
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