The 6-40 Click-N-Seal Micro fittings from Diba Industries, Danbury, Ct, connect 1/16-inch tubing to 6-40 threaded ports, making them suitable for systems that require smaller, precision fluid connections. Utilizing Diba’s patented Click-N-Seal technology, the fitting is hand-tightened until it reaches the correct torque, at which point the cap clicks. This approach ensures leak-free connections while minimizing the risk of overtightening. When paired with Diba flared tubes, the 6-40 Click-N-Seal fitting is appropriate for low-pressure diagnostic equipment under 50 psi. For applications requiring pressure ratings of up to 500 psi, the 6-40 Click-N-Seal fittings can be combined with PEEK ferrules with either flat or tapered bottoms. For space-constrained applications, an alternative compact head design is also available for the 6-40 without the Click-N-Seal feature. For more information, visit Diba Industries.