The PerkinElmer FlexDrop iQ Non-contact Dispenser lowers the barrier to automation by packaging the benefits of microliter scale liquid transfers in a plug-and-play device that runs from a simple touch screen.  

The Flexdrop iQ Non-contact Dispenser provides rapid, precise, and flexible dispensing from up to 96 source positions into 96-, 384-, or 1536-well plates with a dead volume of less than 1 μL. By precisely dispensing as low as 8 nanoliters (nL) with the push of a button, this platform makes automation more user friendly.

Generating droplets between 8 nL and 100s of microliters with positive pressure, the FlexDrop iQ Non-contact Dispenser utilizes 96 source wells with eight independently controlled channels to dispense up to 100 droplets per second. This system features a dead volume of less than 1 μL, built-in droplet verification, the ability to transfer any volume from well to well, and integration into automated robotic systems.

Facilitating reaction miniaturizing with sub-microliter pipetting, the FlexDrop iQ Non-contact Dispenser will greatly reduce the cost and time associated with the drug discovery process. Additionally, the platform incorporates intuitive, streamlined software, no programming knowledge or experience required.

The FlexDrop iQ Non-contact Dispenser is for research use only—not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Featured image: PerkinElmer FlexDrop iQ Non-contact Dispenser (Courtesy: PerkinElmer)