PolyScience_Chiller and Refrigerated Circulator 400Designed to control temperature with stabilities as precise as ±0.005°C, the selection of refrigerated circulating baths and chillers from PolyScience, Niles, Ill, is ideal for maintaining atomic absorption furnaces, gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, inductively coupled plasma techniques, and other analytical equipment at optimal working temperatures.

PolyScience Refrigerated Circulators are recommended for applications where a broad temperature range or ultraprecise temperature control are required. They maintain temperatures over ranges as wide as -40° to +200°C with up to ±0.005°C stability and deliver from 200 to 1,400 watts of cooling at 20°C. Available with reservoir sizes from 7 to 75 liters, the circulators are offered with a choice of six different temperature controllers, including two programmable models.

For applications requiring higher cooling capacities, PolyScience Chillers are available in both benchtop and portable models. These air-cooled units deliver between 460 and 5,200 watts of heat removal at 20°C. They provide working temperatures as low as -20°C and as high as +70°C, stabilities as precise as ±0.1°C, and are offered with a variety of pump options. For more information, visit PolyScience.