Hamilton Storage Technologies, a liquid handling and storage solutions provider, and Askion, a biobank system solutions partner, have announced a partnership to collaborate on robotic automation at ultra-low and cryopreservation temperatures. This partnership will expand the Askion C-line cryopreservation portfolio into several new markets, including North America and South America. The C-line system provides semi- and fully automated storage and retrieval processes in temperatures below -100°C and features a cryogenic work area with an uninterrupted cooling chain.

“For the biobanking and clinical diagnostic industries, controlled environmental conditions are of utmost importance when storing cryogenic samples,” says Matt Hamilton, president of Hamilton Storage Technologies. “This partnership with Askion allows us to offer solutions that guarantee maximum flexibility for sample storage configuration. As Hamilton Storage Technologies continues to focus on expanding its offering, this partnership is another step in its strategic plan to provide solutions for cryobiotechnology automated sample management.”

“The Askion C-line offers a solution for the safe handling, management, and cryogenic storage of sample biological material,” says Egon Pfeifer, managing director of marketing and sales at Askion. “This collaboration will enable Askion to extend the C-line product line to a broader geographic market.”

For more information, visit Hamilton Storage Technologies and Askion.