Shandon Laser MicroWriter

High-speed slide labeling

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Pittsburgh, has introduced the Shandon Laser MicroWriter, a laser-based slide labeling system specifically designed for the pathology laboratory. The system combines high-throughput slide labeling with high-resolution printing capabilities on standard glass laboratory slides. It helps eliminate sample mismatching errors and enable sample tracking by directly and permanently printing key specimen data onto the slide. This innovation improves labeling quality in the lab by eliminating manual labeling and the common glass residue associated with slide etchers. By printing the slides with data taken directly from the laboratory information system, labeling errors are reduced. The system does not require expensive consumables to operate. It prints one slide per second, and can print linear bar codes, 2D bar codes, OCR font, and any laboratory numbering system.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
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Stackable Shaker

For plasmid purification

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Pittsburgh, introduces its MaxQ 6000 stackable shaker. The units resemble an incubator with two adjustable stationary shelves located above the 18- x by 18-inch rotating platform. Available as incubated or refrigerated digital models, the shakers are used for plasmid purification, protein expression, genetic research, solubility studies, growth of bacteria and yeast, and metabolism work. Powered by a triple-eccentric drive that handles heavy workloads, the shakers provide uniform agitation and enable continuous 24-hour operation. The incubated chamber temperature ranges from 10°C above ambient to 80°C. The refrigerated temperature ranges from 15°C below ambient to 80°C to cover a wide range of molecular biology applications. The new shakers feature a door with a large glass-viewing window to allow observation of samples without disturbing the chamber atmosphere. The shakers can be used under the bench or stacked two high on the floor to save space.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Terminal Pipette Keeper

New, longer design

The new, longer design of the Terminal Pipette Keeper from Whitney Products, Niles, Ill, now allows disposal of contaminated pipettes, swabs, and other long items at the workstation up to 15 inches. The Pipette Keeper is designed to be easy for both right- and left-handed users, with an interlocking top and reclosable flaps. The disposable pipette keepers, made of paperboard, have a plastic lining and webbed corners to avoid soak-through. They are shipped flat for efficient storage, and folded together.

Whitney Products Inc
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Conductive Level-Sensing Probes

Monitor liquid quanity

For automatic control in analytical instruments, Diba’s Conductive Level Sensing Probes monitor liquid quantity, notifying system software when processing fluid bottles have reached full or empty states. In addition to allowing instrument software to detect and react to system status, the Danbury, Conn-based company’s fluoropolymer-lined aspirate and dispense probes provide an inert, consistent fluid path with no possibility of leaks from tip to pump. The probes accurately monitor sample levels in cuvettes, as well as waste, reagent, and buffer solutions, providing analytical instrument software the information needed to direct system changes. The inner diameter of Diba’s stainless steel probe can be lined with PTFE or FEP fluoropolymer tubing to create a single inert fluid path, eliminating the possibility of unwanted chemical interaction and the potential introduction of air along the entire length of the tube.

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Software version 2.0

At the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Annual Conference, PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences, a global company in Waltham, Mass, focusing on life science research, drug discovery, and cellular science, announced that it has introduced a software upgrade for its patented ExacTag technology. This multiplex platform for quantitative protein expression profiling by mass spectrometry (MS). Version 2.0 offers new data visualization and analysis tools, and supports many file formats for wide MS system compatibility. The new 2.0 software is included with ExacTag labeling kits, enabling simultaneous comparison of 2, 4, 7, or 10 samples using any tandem mass spectrometer. The software uses signal intensity measurements from low-mass reporter ions generated in the collision cell of a tandem mass spectrometer, and protein identification data from standard databases such as Mascot and Sequest to quantify and identify proteins of interest.

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UF-1000i Automated Urinalysis Analyzer

High-precision counts

Sysmex America Inc, Mundelein, Ill, has announced FDA clearance for the Sysmex UF-1000i Automated Urinalysis Analyzer. The UF-1000i represents a new generation of particle analyzer for the clinical laboratory, classifying urine-formed elements with minimal operator intervention. The unit provides high-precision counts for white and red blood cells, sensitivity for pathological casts, and enhanced analysis information for the screening of patients with kidney disease. Reagents for the Sysmex UF-1000i are new, allowing for improved discrimination of particles and potentially resulting in lower medical technologist review rates. This instrument offers an improved bacteria detection mode, enhancing patient screening. The Windows-based product software is navigated by medical technologists. Other product features include a smaller footprint, improved ergonomics, and a processing capability of 100 urine samples per hour.

Sysmex America Inc
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