The new IS-971 floor model shaker series from Lab Companion, manufactured by Jeio Tech Inc, Woburn, Mass, consists of three models that offer rapid heating and cooling performance.

The IS-971 has a temperature range of 5° C above room temperature to 60° C. The IS-971R and IS-971RF (lighting control capability) have temperature ranges from 4° C to 60° C. The temperature uniformity is ±1.0° C at 38° C (based on various conditions).

The shaking motion includes a choice of orbital or reciprocating action, with a speed range from 10 to 300 cycles a minute and a maximum orbit size of 70 mm diameter. Run time can be programmed from 1 second to 1,000 hours.

Many temperature programs can be entered, including nine steps of temperature profiles programmable and repeatable up to 200 cycles.

An assortment of platforms and clamps permit the use of flasks, beakers, separatory funnels, test tubes, and microplates. The units handle up to 4-by6-liter flasks.