Torrey Pines Scientific Inc, Carlsbad, Calif, has launched larger EchoTherm vibration-free benchtop chilling incubators that are specially suited for protein crystallography. The incubators have a 100 L capacity and can hold 66 assay plates without stacking. The incubators are Peltier-based for heating and chilling, and are suitable for performing protein crystallizations. Other applications include incubating marine samples below room temperature, enzyme reactions and deactivations, hybridizations, ligations, and general lab incubations. Two models are available: the IN55 is fully programmable for temperature cycling crystals for better growth, while the IN50 is digital. Both models feature temperature ramping up and down. They are settable from 4.0ºC to 70.0ºC, feature temperature control to ± 0.1°C, and can be controlled at or near room temperature. For more information, visit Torrey Pines Scientific.