The SpotWare colorimetric microarray scanner from Arrayit Corp, Sunnyvale, Calif, utilizes an ultra-high sensitivity line-scanning architecture to provide 5 µm to 50 µm scan resolution, 7 log dynamic range, 30 second per cm2 scan times, and 16-bit tiff data, for alkaline phosphatase and horseradish peroxidase microarrays. The scanner has a capacity of 12 standard 25 mm x 76 mm glass substrate slides, and it reads DNA, RNA, protein, antigen, and antibody microarrays. It is also easily programmed to handle different-sized substrates, plates, gels, and blots. Features include a BioBlue computer, rainbow palette data display, intuitive graphical user interface, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and cables. The scanner has an adjustable gain function that provides an additional 3 logs of sensitivity, and a unique light path produces zero background with white membrane substrates. Images are importable into any standard microarray analysis software package. For more information, visit Arrayit Corp.