VistaLab Technologies Inc has extended its Ovation BioNatural™ Pipette product line with new multichannel models for the complex demands of research and higher throughput testing environments. The new 12-channel Ovation pipettes, which share the identical ergonomic design as the single-channel models introduced in 2002, include a number of new electronic programmable functions to further minimize physical effort and save time. Four 12-channel models are available for precision liquid dispensing from 0.5 µL to 850 µL.

“The most significant problem operators face when using multichannel pipettes is difficult tip handling—both acquisition and discarding,” says Richard L. Minnihan, vice president of VistaLab Technologies. “Like Ovation single-channel models, the new Ovation 12-channel pipette features a unique tip-acquisition system that provides the user with an audible click to indicate all tips are properly and securely fitted. And the pipette’s discard mechanism allows tip release to be accomplished quickly and with minimal effort by simply pressing a button. Both these features ensure that pipetting productivity is maximized by eliminating many manual manipulations and the physical strain that occurs with other systems when attempting to secure a proper seal or remove tips.”

Ovation multichannel models feature an intuitive user interface that allows easy programming of volume and speed settings for all pipetting functions. With just a single keystroke, the user can select pipette, reverse pipette, mix, multiple dispense, or serial dilute liquid-handling functions. Three user-defined volume settings can be stored for later recall with a single keystroke, minimizing the need for setup each time the pipette is used. A PACE function enables automatic repetitive dispensing without additional finger action. Aspirating or dispensing speeds can be set and adjusted as needed, allowing the speed to be controlled without finger action or hand tension.

The shape of Ovation reinforces ergonomically correct pipetting by encouraging the user’s hand, wrist, and arm to assume more neutral postures during all phases of the pipetting cycle. This permits muscles and joints to operate at maximum efficiency with minimum effort, thereby reducing discomfort, fatigue, and work-related injuries.

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