productThe EBA 21 SeroSpin Package combines Hettich’s EBA 21 centrifuge and 12-place decanting rotor for serological applications. It accommodates tubes 10/12/13 x 75mm. Run time is programmable in minutes and seconds. Three run programs can be stored and recalled.
     The EBA 21 also functions as a multi-use centrifuge, with speeds up to 18,000 RPM, automatic rotor recognition, run programming capabilities and a selection of fixed angle and swing out bucket rotors for other applications. A hematocrit rotor, which accommodates 24 capillaries, is also available. The EBA21 features a brushless drive and high quality metal construction for maximum performance and long life. The compact EBA 21 is 10.5”H x 11”W x 13”D.
     The EBA 21 SeroSpin Package contains many safety features including lid locking and holding during run time, emergency lid lock release and imbalance switch-off.
     A full range of centrifuges is available from this company, along with a complete line of accessories. Hettich features a wide selection of rotors, adapters, and accessories for every centrifuge, so that each may be used for the maximum number of applications.
Keywords: centrifuge, serology