Sphere Fluidics, Cambridge, UK, is investing in the production and supply of its proprietary biocompatible surfactant, Pico-Surf, for reliable and highly stable droplet generation and processing.

The company plans to expand operations to meet demand for large-scale commercial supply of its high-performing surfactant for use in a wide range of microfluidic application workflows, including the company’s proprietary single-cell analysis platforms and applications, such as molecular biology assays, cell secretion assays, and cell growth studies.

Pico-Surf is a high-quality and animal-origin-free biocompatible surfactant optimized to support the formation of aqueous solution-in-oil picodroplets. During 2020, Sphere Fluidics aims to increase production of Pico-Surf by threefold, through significant investment of resources in manufacture and quality control processes as well as workforce.

The unique and patented molecular structure of Pico-Surf stabilizes droplets and retains and protects their cellular and molecular contents over a wide range of temperatures and biological conditions, helping to ensure high cell viability for improved assay performance. Droplets generated using Pico-Surf show low end-point interfacial tension and critical micelle concentration in comparison to other commercially available surfactants. The purity and quality of the surfactant also enables a more efficient droplet sorting process at low voltage. The ready-to-use surfactant is available in large batches or in made-to-order quantities, with ensured lot-to-lot consistency.

“We are enthused by the increased demand for Pico-Surf and eager to mobilize its production to meet demand, says Marian Rehak, PhD, vice president for research and development at Sphere Fluidics. “Whilst doing so, we will ensure its very high quality control standards are maintained, meaning researchers can continue rely on Pico-Surf to create droplets that are stable and reproducible.”

For more information, visit Sphere Fluidics.