Enzo Biochem, New York, a leading biosciences and diagnostics company, has expanded reagent and supply manufacturing as well as doubled its testing capacity for molecular laboratory testing services at its facilities in Farmingdale, NY, to meet rapidly increasing demand for its PCR-based covid-19 molecular and serological testing. Demand for testing services has expanded significantly throughout the multi-state New York metropolitan region, including support for testing programs at academic institutions, physician offices, urgent care facilities, and nursing homes. In June 2020, Enzo Biochem launched a dedicated school and institution testing (SIT) program to support plans to resume on-campus learning at academic organizations in the New York area and to help employees safely return to work. The covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the stresses on the supply chain caused because most molecular testing technologies are “closed” systems. As a result, the market has been unable to respond to the rapid acceleration of molecular testing demand. Enzo’s open system approach offers a viable alternative to closed systems, enabling flexible solutions for all industry stakeholders. Enzo is working on further steps to improve efficiencies within molecular diagnostic testing as well as offering expanded products and services within immunology, cytology, immunohistochemistry, and flow cytometry. “Molecular testing is one of the fastest growing segments in the diagnostic testing sector, and the infectious disease testing market is growing exponentially in large part because of needs related to covid-19, which we anticipate will continue even after a vaccine is introduced,” says Barry Weiner, president of Enzo. “Enzo’s proprietary GenFlex platform can process molecular tests, including women’s health panels, sexually transmitted disease panels, and upper respiratory panels.” This program’s expansion will proceed in phases and will include additions to the Enzo team and new equipment designed to advance Enzo’s further development as a fully integrated clinical diagnostics company. The initial completed phase has expanded capacity so that laboratory operations now enable the company to process approximately 1 million molecular tests per annum. The full master plan will include expansion to three buildings on the Enzo Biochem campus in Farmingdale, more than doubling its physical footprint. The new space will enhance capabilities in product development and manufacturing capacity to provide a broader range of services, with the initial focus on ramping up covid-19 related production in the company’s Enzo Life Sciences division. “As a vertically integrated company with manufacturing, production, and service capabilities, we do not have the same limitations on access to supplies that affect other molecular labs,” adds Weiner. “With our recent FDA emergency use authorization, Enzo is able to meet demand with a full platform of products needed for molecular testing, including instruments, reagents, and supplies. Substantial clinical evidence indicates that demand for testing remains a critical component of keeping people safe and curtailing the spread of covid-19. Our unique business structure puts us in a strong position to accelerate production as needed to continually meet demand for testing products and services in fighting this pandemic.” Enzo diagnostic and laboratory services are backed by extensive data and research. Details about the company’s AmpiProbe SARS-CoV-2 Test System and the full range of covid-19 products and services are available at Enzo Biochem.